Category Living style
Subject ChaekgaDo Lighting-Green



Chaekgado (bookshelf & major stationary painting) represented wishes of noble spirits at traditional
man's guest room

 Furniture Lighting transferred and designed the visual elements of traditional beautiful lines, colors, patterns with free wheeling multi-unique views of modern aesthetic

 Patterned motifs of contours resemble nature in the comfort & lively echoes and they can be combined with simplified Chaekgado (bookshelf & major stationary painting) and shown for the spirits & stationary at Saranbang (traditional man's guest room).

 The collaboration of traditional beautiful sentiment and unique contemporary home textiles brings various designs of art commodity such as handcrafted furniture partitions, lighting, chairs, curtains, bedding, cushions, table runner, in everyday life at beautiful functional living. It can be a new role of space and variety of interior design in revitalizing vigor and pursue a new lifestyle of home textiles.

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